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[Part1] Cooking with Chef and Digital Ocean

As some of you may know I was recently DDoSed and Was Terminated by Linode for being flooded with 5.11MB/s of Traffic 3 times over a 5 day period. This left me looking for a new solution. I only had a ZNC Server and a couple of DNS Servers with them so it was no

Buffer Overflow: Overwriting the Return Value

In this tutorial I will walk you through the process of overwriting the return value of an application using a Buffer Overflow. Requirements : – A Linux System (i686 or x64) [Disable Kernel Buffer Overflow Protection] – A basic understanding of the stack – A willingness to learn Why would we do this? As far

Setting up NginX, MariaDB and PHP with EL6

I decided to port this over from one of my Previous posts to give myself some content worth reading. Its a guide I wrote that walks you through the process of setting up MariaDB, NginX and PHP on CentOS 6. This is now the default “lamp” (I suppose its now LNMP) stack of EL7.