Today I took the step to migrate away from the Medium platorm and revert back to a Hugo and AWS setup.

Over the past few years I have been blogging (fairly infrequently) on the platform and was mainly attracted to getting paid per post behind their paywall.

However more recently I’ve came to realise I don’t really write content to get paid $3.99 per month (Max i’ve been paid is $50 for an article, then it drops to pennies). I write content to share knowledge and teach people some of the interesting things I work on every day, from Serverless tech, General Cloud all the way to Information Security.

So what changed recently?

As time marched on over the past couple of years I found less time to blog often, However as I start to find more time I realise the Medium platform is nothing more than a place filled with duplicate posts, content theives and terrible content that I don’t really wish to be associated with.

Why Hugo and AWS

Throughout my career i’ve been strongly aligned with Amazon Web Services and more recently golang. AWS S3 provides a great cheap storage and static hosting platform that is ideal for Hugo.

In the past I blogged with Hugo before moving to medium so I had most of my content readily available for the platform, And with the mediumexporter tool migrating my other content was a breeze.

So stay tuned for more frequent content on a platform I control.